New Face of Next Protocol

New face of Next Protocol

Moving through the technology trends through cryptocurrency is the next protocol. Next protocol introduces the next level of the combination of NFT gaming and real time investing on iOT devices. Play, Build, Invest, Farm & Exchange to play One of a kind virtual — real decentralized games.What makes the change in the new next protocol is the integration with digital gaming session and defi in the decentralized market market with a chance of owning NFT. The new face of next Protocol has been published as an updated website with all feature explanations.

What is the difference between the older version of the next protocol and its new version? Introducing the concept of gaming and Bringing Defi into decentralized gaming marketplace with a chance to own NFTs that can play games as well as earn you staking rewards for its real life Applications.

Users can Connect, Play, Earn from In Game and even for the real life use case of some special NFTs. The latest next protocol introduces Wandalorean and coviwar games with high quality effects along with AI . There are different methods to collect Tokens through gaming and its functionalities. $Next token will be rewarded in each face of the game according to game rules and regulations. As a utility token, $NEXT is responsible for powering our platform and is the default currency of the decentralized gaming marketplace. How Next token will work and used was a big question in the previous version of Next protocol and the solution and the clear answer for the same is the updated version of Next Protocol website. Integrating this solution with the concept of AI and advanced gaming technologies such as Defi, AI and AR VR is the next milestone of Next protocol.

Using $Next Token users can buy game characters and customize it. Each character can be convertible to NEXT token. These are some basic examples of how to use the next token. Innovative gaming ideas with latest technology changes pointing to the next protocol. Game With US..!! Earn From US..!

In a short, as we mentioned in the first quarter of the development of Next protocol, we are moving forward to the second quarter with the updated website launch, team expansion and smart contract launch. As per the plan we will be moving forward to the third quarter of Next protocol by adding Seed round token sale, Private Token Sale, Community quests , legal entity establishment and marketing strategies are our focal points. In quarter 4 Pancakeswap Listing and staking platform launch and NFT character launch pad will be our focus.

Implementing Solana to the next protocol will be the next target of Next Protocol in 2022. And physical devices NFT and AI implementations are the Q3 and Q4 features of next protocol in 2022.




Fractional Robot Ownership, RoboNFT, Robo Gaming

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Next Protocol

Next Protocol

Fractional Robot Ownership, RoboNFT, Robo Gaming

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